Instinct is what drives us.  It has been genetically passed down through generations; allowing offspring to have an innate sense of what it takes to survive.  It is this intrinsic gift that drives Yannize Joshua as a marketing and branding powerhouse.

Karl Lagerfeld is quoted as saying, “I’m not a marketing person.  I don’t ask myself questions.  I go by instinct.”  Yannize doesn’t limit herself to only marketing.  She is a beauty and pop culture enthusiast, and is quickly becoming a powerhouse in the world of branding and marketing.  With an innate niche for all things beauty, Yannize specializes in organic and strategic plans to make any business, brand, personality, or product to the forefront of their respective industries.

It was only after matriculating through the University of Rochester, initially wanting to be an entertainment attorney or sports agent, that Yannize discovered her love for branding.  She headed the marketing department of Indique Hair, one of the first hair companies to encourage wearing hair extensions as a lifestyle choice. She has also led several marketing campaigns that moved the Indique Brand to a luxury item which currently crown the heads of many notable celebrities and style mavens.

With a yearning for creating grassroots marketing campaigns, Yannize decided to step out to conquer a completely different genre within the beauty industry.  As Managing Partner, she is consistently creating marketing and branding magic at The TEKNIQUE Group, located in New York City.

The TEKNIQUE Group is a multi-faceted boutique firm that provides glam coordination for television and film.  They also provide marketing and branding concepts for a plethora of beauty and lifestyle brands. Yannize is transforming the agency into an entertainment juggernaut with plans to expand into production.  With Fortune 100 clients such as:  Viacom, NBC Universal, and health and beauty giant, Walker’s Apothecary, Yannize is sure to elevate The TEKNIQUE Group to exemplary new heights.